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LivewireHub provides online Full Stack training where you can learn how to build Full-Stack web apps utilising the front-end and back-end JavaScript technologies that make up MEAN—MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, and Node.js—in our Full Stack Developer course.

You will thoroughly study each lesson in this MEAN Stack course and gain practical experience by working on actual projects.

Our Full Stack Developer course teaches you how to create Full-Stack online applications using the front-end and back-end JavaScript frameworks that make up MEAN—MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, and Node.js.

Each subject in this MEAN Stack course will be carefully studied, and working on actual projects will provide you with real-world experience.

Why choose LivewireHub for Full Stack training in Chennai:

The LivewireHub Full Stack developer training course in Chennai is broken down into several sections that cover various frameworks and technologies, including debugging, databases, back-end, and front-end. You also gain knowledge of various technologies, ecosystems, and web development processes.

The Full Stack developer certification course examines the structure and functionality of the World Wide Web and teaches students how to use JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 to build the greatest dynamic websites.

You can learn both theoretical and practical skills to work on the various aspects of creating a website or application.

Get the job of your dreams at prestigious MNCs like Amazon, Cognizant, TCS, IBM, and more.

Different businesses require Full Stack developers who are skilled at working on various Stacks and can design web strategies for various web development processes.

Get hired as a web designer, software developer, front-end developer, Full Stack developer, and more.

Why is Full Stack Important?

Anyone may find Full-Stack development overwhelming. After all, you’ll need to learn twice as much material as a front-end or back-end developer.

The subjects we covered above are just a sample of what you’ll learn in a Full Stack developer course.

Additionally, you will need to master new technologies as the market changes to stay current with the trends. And advantages and opportunities follow with all the accumulation of skills and knowledge.

The following benefits come to mind when someone queries why they should become a Full Stack developer:

  • Rise in Demand

    Full-Stack developers are in high demand. As an example, the demand for Full Stack developers increased by almost 20% in 2018. Full-Stack developers collaborate with each of the process’ three stages, which explains why.

  • Great Salary Package

    In India, Full-Stack developers or engineers bag an average salary of almost 7 LPA. It can rise to 15 LPA for individuals with significant experience and expertise.
  • Flexible

    You are knowledgeable about many facets of development. You will be able to work more flexibly as a result. You are provided with both application’s client-side and its database to execute your work. It gives you greater control and authority over the thing you are working on or creating. And if you are a Full Stack developer, you will have a deeper understanding of both of them, whether you’re a technical man who likes PHP or a creative guy who loves CSS.
  • 4. Enhanced Productivity

    A Full-Stack developer is used to a variety of technologies. You would be familiar with all of them, from building a database to adding photos to a web page. Due to your ability to think strategically and make quick technical judgments, you have an advantage over other developers.

Industries with high demand for Full Stack Developers:

There is a tremendous demand for Full Stack developers across several sectors, including entertainment, banking, software, technology, travel and tourism, government websites, education, insurance, and transportation services, among others.

Benefits of Full Stack training in Chennai by Livewirehub?

  1. Digisied Courseware
    Courseware Comprehensive reference material through student portal
  2. Expert Session
    10 hours (approx..) of video based learning from subject experts
  3. Reference Links
    Useful links relating to the course you have joined for add-on knowledge
  4. Interview Question
    Sample questions for better preparation for the interview
  5. Lab Exercise
    Contents for additional practice with solutions with Lab Exercise
  6. Technical Forum
    Platform for doubt clarification Lorem ipsum dummy text typing indutries
  7. Quiz Program
    Self evaluation of your learning Lorem ipsum dummy text typing indutries

Improve your talents for actual career advancement

With LivewireHub Innovative curricula are created with input from industry and academia to build skills that are ready for the workplace

Learn from professionals who are active in their industry, not from out-of-date educators.

Leading practitioners offer classes that fit into your schedule while bringing the most recent best practices and case studies.

Work on issues from the real world to learn

Capstone projects using actual data sets and virtual labs for practical instruction

Structured instruction ensures that learning never ends

To clear up any conceptual ambiguities, seek 24×7 learning support from mentors and a group of peers who share your interests.


Job Opportunities After Completing Full Stack Training

Let’s look at the employment prospects available for Full-Stack developers now that we are aware of the fundamental abilities required to become one.

Full-Stack Developer

The abilities you have acquired will help you become a Full Stack developer. You would be expected to work with both the front-end and back-end frameworks, as was already discussed. Because of the demand for Full-Stack developers in the market and the talents they have, becoming one is something to be proud of.


Back-end Developer

You can help the business where you work by using your expertise in server-side programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java, and PHP. You would be in charge of creating the brains of any technology that the company is currently developing as a server-side developer. Due to the specific job requirements and level of experience required to be a backend developer, the salary is typically higher than that of a Full-Stack developer.

Front-end Developer

You can use your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to work as a front-end developer. A front-end developer essentially designs websites with a small amount of backend coding thrown in for good measure.

Web Developer/ Designer

By focusing more on the backend than a front-end developer, web developers set themselves apart from front-end developers. They must be skilled in supported languages like Python, Ruby, etc. The style and feel of the websites must be carefully crafted by the web designers. The front-end developers help them out a lot with their workload. TCS, Infosys, Cognizant Technology, IBM, and Accenture are a few of the big reputed tech companies which may just hire you.

Google Reviews

pavithra prabhakar
pavithra prabhakar
Great learning experience and really useful. Interesting learning
I'm a mechanical engineering student. It’s been a pleasure to get to know coding from the faculty at Livewire. As a mechanical student, I don't even belong to the software domain such that the faculty made me comfortable with the entire training session. I'm pretty much thankful to her for making me understand the concepts.
Jayasri K
Jayasri K
I have done FULL STACK DEVELOPMENT in LIVEWIRE Selaiyur..Such a good institution to reach your destination. Very friendly staffs and teachers. Good quality coaching.. Must go with LIVEWIRE if you are choosing a training program.
Lavan Lavan
Lavan Lavan
I have completed course in python. My training experience was really good I am really thankful to my faculty...the online classes were really helpful to complete the topics on time during the lockdown period. Good facilities.. Friendly atmosphere. .. I will highly recommended livewire. Thanks for all the support.
madhu sridhar
madhu sridhar
The lab session was excellent and also had good infrastructure in Livewire selaiyur
CSEB51- Subashree.k
CSEB51- Subashree.k
Knowledge sharing is really good from this institute..Python Course was practical and informative and the training was Interactive and not monotonous which Must be mentioned. The Staffs are very supportive and Friendly Thank you Livewire Selaiyur!
Beena Raj
Beena Raj
I've completed a Diploma in IT from LIVEWIRE Selaiyur. Livewire and its faculties gave us maximum support and corporation even at the time of the pandemic. All the teaching and non - teaching staffs are very friendly. I strongly recommend Livewire for various IT based skill development courses. Thank You Livewire Selaiyur for your immense support throughout the course.
Sivabalan S
Sivabalan S
My training experience in LIVEWIRE Selaiyur was really good.. I have completed a diploma in python. I am really thankful to my faculty. Good facilities..On the main road.. Friendly atmosphere.. I highly recommend livewire. Thanks for all the support
I have done JAVA here. It was a really good experience. The coaching was good . Pleasant learning atmosphere. Livewire gives the best training in ethical hacking, data science, and different programming languages too. I strongly recommend Livewire Selaiyur. Thank you..!

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