Selenium Training in Chennai

Livewire Hub offers online training in Selenium for individuals who aspire to excel in web automation and web testers. Our course includes managing IFrames, Alerts, Grid, IDE, WebDriver, and Modal Dialog box.

With the help of this Selenium course, you will discover how to manage your automation environment using supporting plugins like TestNG Framework, Robot Class, Cucumber, and Gherkin.

Learn by doing with popular automation frameworks like the Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Framework, Data-Driven Framework, Keyword-Driven Framework, and Hybrid Framework.

Livewire Hub offers the best online Selenium training in Chennai to help you get the most out of your skills and improve your performance.

This course will introduce you to the core Selenium functions and applications that will help you work seamlessly in real-world situations.

Why choose Livewirehub for Selenium training in Chennai:

  • Selenium Developers as Trainers

    Our trainers are experienced and well-equipped with recent trends in Selenium development and applications. We only employ experienced, currently working professionals with 10+ years of experience.
  • 100% Practical Training

    More than theoretical bombardments, we believe in building the skills practically and coding in live classes. This helps the students to know the concepts and practically handle the issues.
  • Offline Hands-On Training

    The selenium training happens in our classroom or lab. As of date, we are not providing online classes. Offline training sessions will offer more clarity in acquiring the knowledge.
  • Flexible Timings

    Our programs are designed to be accessible to any aspirants to become Selenium developers. So, we are available with flexible dates and timings.
  • Affordable Prices

    This helps a developer or LiveWire design all our courses, and we offer them at the most affordable prices in the industry. The quality and 30+ years of research on every subject matter help our students to become more experts than their peers.
  • Live Projects

    We also help our students the experience to work in live projects where, they will be taught on the process, and complete them in a task based manners, under the supervision of trainers.
Live wire hub online Selenium course is the best step-by-step manual for learning the basics of Selenium.

Our Selenium guide is meant for beginners who have no prior automation expertise. The Selenium course teaches programmers and manual testers how to use a reliable framework to automate web apps and integrate them into an organization’s DevOps processes.

You will be able to master the entire Selenium suite with the help of our Selenium Certification Training.

The goal of the Livewire hub Selenium Training is to teach developers and manual testers how to automate web apps using a solid foundation and integrate them into an organization’s DevOps processes.

You will also learn how to master key ideas like TestNG, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Selenium WebDriver, etc. with this Selenium Certification Training.

Your ability to understand key ideas like Selenium Commands, XPath Strategies, Waits, IFrames, Alerts, Windows in Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Log4J, Apache POI, Framework Designing, and others will improve .

Your career in automation testing can begin with this Selenium Certification. Industry professionals selected and curated the training.

This course will enable you to revise the Core Java concepts essential for learning Selenium Webdriver and help you understand the scope of test automation in DevOps and its fundamentals.

Livewire hub courses help you create test cases using Selenium IDE – Record and Playback tool

The course helps you understand Selenium WebDriver architecture and various layers of interaction

At Live wire hub we are a committed group of subject-matter experts who will support you at every turn and enhance your learning process, from project mentoring and employment aid to class onboarding. To make sure the course path is followed, they regularly engage with the pupils.

We have 24×7 service to assist with any of your queries or inconveniences.

Why is Selenium Important?

Selenium is a popular open source, portable, and user-friendly automation testing tool that enables web development without the need for programming or coding expertise.

It is a web application development framework for software testing that supports many different programming languages, including PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, Java, and many more.

The Framework is extensively used by web development agencies around the globe for the software’s quality assurance. It enables them to quickly create programmes that would aid them in streamlining their procedure.

Due to its numerous features and advantages, Selenium automated software testing is one job profile in the industry that is in great demand on the market.

Industries with high demand for Selenium Developers:

The three top industries that use Selenium for Testing And QA are Software Development, Machine Learning, and Technology.

Benefits of Selenium Training in Chennai by Livewirehub?

  1. Digisied Courseware
    Courseware Comprehensive reference material through student portal
  2. Expert Session
    10 hours (approx..) of video based learning from subject experts
  3. Reference Links
    Useful links relating to the course you have joined for add-on knowledge
  4. Interview Question
    Sample questions for better preparation for the interview
  5. Lab Exercise
    Contents for additional practice with solutions with Lab Exercise
  6. Technical Forum
    Platform for doubt clarification Lorem ipsum dummy text typing indutries
  7. Quiz Program
    Self evaluation of your learning Lorem ipsum dummy text typing indutries
  • Software testers are in high demand today, therefore taking Selenium training in Chennai at Livewire hub is extremely useful for newcomers who want to build a successful career in the IT sector.
  • One of the well-known training facilities in Chennai is Livewire hub, which provides all students with real-time selenium training.
  • Our instructors are all experienced individuals so our instruction will be grounded in contemporary business practices. It is one of the extra benefits of enrolling in our institute.
  • We have self-evaluation programs which enable you to keep track of your performance and work on getting more thorough.
  • Livewire hub provides online Selenium training in Chennai to help you get the most out of your projects and face new challenges.
  • This course will help you improve your skills and knowledge of Selenium. In addition to this, our other courses will help you get the most out of your time.
  • You will be fully knowledgeable about the TestNG Framework. Using maven, you will have a strong grasp of build management.
  • You will be familiar with behaviour-driven testing using the Cucumber and Gherkin languages. You will be able to comprehend and create effective testing code.
  • After completing this course, you will be able to develop a deeper understanding of the multiple advanced topics of Selenium and web testing.


Job Opportunities After Completing Selenium Training

When we first begin learning Selenium, the main thought that crosses our minds is, “Is this a good career?”

You will, in fact, have a tonne of questions racing through your head at once, including: what career opportunities are available in Selenium?, how much do experts in this field make?, does Selenium have a future?, and a tonne more.

Today, the majority of businesses use Selenium, an effective open-source software testing tool, to test their applications.

One of the most popular options for engineers in the software business is Selenium.

BusinessWire reports that Selenium is the most well-liked web testing technology, with a staggering 300 percent increase in job posts over the previous three years.

In terms of open-source automated testing technologies, Selenium has the highest adoption rate, according to tech research juggernaut Gartner.

The market for test automation is constantly expanding with high demand for Selenium as web applications are seen as the next big thing by many businesses around the world.

For their demands in test automation, many prestigious enterprises all around the world rely on Selenium resources.

Selenium will assist you in securing a more advantageous and satisfying position in your work if you are prepared to go deeply into test automation and develop advanced-level skills in it.

Proper experience and knowledge could just land you a job in the top companies in India like Tech Mahindra, UnitedHealth Group, Oracle, IBM, ADP, Dell, Deloitte and more tech giants.

Google Reviews

pavithra prabhakar
pavithra prabhakar
Great learning experience and really useful. Interesting learning
I'm a mechanical engineering student. It’s been a pleasure to get to know coding from the faculty at Livewire. As a mechanical student, I don't even belong to the software domain such that the faculty made me comfortable with the entire training session. I'm pretty much thankful to her for making me understand the concepts.
Jayasri K
Jayasri K
I have done FULL STACK DEVELOPMENT in LIVEWIRE Selaiyur..Such a good institution to reach your destination. Very friendly staffs and teachers. Good quality coaching.. Must go with LIVEWIRE if you are choosing a training program.
Lavan Lavan
Lavan Lavan
I have completed course in python. My training experience was really good I am really thankful to my faculty...the online classes were really helpful to complete the topics on time during the lockdown period. Good facilities.. Friendly atmosphere. .. I will highly recommended livewire. Thanks for all the support.
madhu sridhar
madhu sridhar
The lab session was excellent and also had good infrastructure in Livewire selaiyur
CSEB51- Subashree.k
CSEB51- Subashree.k
Knowledge sharing is really good from this institute..Python Course was practical and informative and the training was Interactive and not monotonous which Must be mentioned. The Staffs are very supportive and Friendly Thank you Livewire Selaiyur!
Beena Raj
Beena Raj
I've completed a Diploma in IT from LIVEWIRE Selaiyur. Livewire and its faculties gave us maximum support and corporation even at the time of the pandemic. All the teaching and non - teaching staffs are very friendly. I strongly recommend Livewire for various IT based skill development courses. Thank You Livewire Selaiyur for your immense support throughout the course.
Sivabalan S
Sivabalan S
My training experience in LIVEWIRE Selaiyur was really good.. I have completed a diploma in python. I am really thankful to my faculty. Good facilities..On the main road.. Friendly atmosphere.. I highly recommend livewire. Thanks for all the support
I have done JAVA here. It was a really good experience. The coaching was good . Pleasant learning atmosphere. Livewire gives the best training in ethical hacking, data science, and different programming languages too. I strongly recommend Livewire Selaiyur. Thank you..!

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