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At Livewire, we’re dedicated to fostering innovation, creativity, and expertise in the ever-evolving world of technology. Our mission is to empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds with the skills they need to excel in the digital age.

At Livewirehub, we believe in empowering individuals with the tech skills they need to succeed. With our cutting-edge training programs, we’re here to help you unleash your full potential and achieve great things. From coding and web design to cybersecurity and cloud computing, we’re passionate about giving you the tools you need to thrive in a rapidly changing digital world. So whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your career to the next level, don’t hesitate – join us today and discover what you’re truly capable of!


Why Choose Livewire?

About Livewirehub

Livewirehub is a part of the livewire training institute (an ISO 29920:2010 certified) located at Selaiyur, Chennai. We have designed a well-structured program that comprises 30+ years of experience and current trends.

We are one of the top institutes in India to offer courses on IT and related services training to create emerging technologies jobs in high demand. We offer the trending courses like,
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Automotive Embedded System.
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Full Stack Development Java
  • Selenium
  • Digital Marketing

Trending IT Courses Training that is in High Demand

  • Python Training

    Python is one programming language widely used in applications like Data Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, apps, web development, etc.

  • Java Training

    It is an evergreen object-oriented programming language that is required for building websites, web applications, and mobile applications for mac and android systems.

  • Selenium Training

    One of the advanced software testing tools that are an open-source umbrella that consists of various libraries and tools that automate the testing of any website’s errors.

  • Full Stack Development Training

    This helps a developer or software engineer to build any complete application building framework, back-end, and front-end

  • Data Science Training

    One of the high-demand skill sets that require the skill of programming languages like python, R, and SAS. Along with this basic understanding of statistics and machine learning.

  • Digital Marketing

    When it comes to marketing, the growth of digital medium has a huge role, and in today’s trends you are no more a marketer without digital marketing skills

What Our Customers Says

Get Trained by the Best IT/Software Training Institutes in Chennai

If you’re an aspiring software engineer looking for a job in a top IT company. Are you someone looking for a career shift?

If So, Livewirehub is one the suitable place for you to upskill yourself on the most demanding skillsets in the IT industry. We choose high-demand courses and hold life for the next 30-100 years in the technology world. Information Technology is a sector that is growing globally in a rapid phase. Every skill oriented to the IT sector is in high demand. In 2022, there are 18,712 unfilled Data Science jobs, according to Analytics in diamag. Data Science is one of our fast-moving courses in the bucket. Our trainers are our best asset; we only hire enthusiastic people who love teaching and have great industry experience. They help in shaping you into a successful IT professional. We share career guidance and tips on cracking interviews in top companies besides training.

The key feature of Livewirehub:

  • A branch of Livewire (India’s Leading Software Training Institute with more than 30+ years of experience)
  • Live Training in Classroom.
  • Lab facility for practice.
  • Study materials designed by industry experts.
  • Mock tests and other preparation to crack interviews
  • We provide placement assistance.
  • Lab facility for practice.
  • Have Completed more than 100 batches.
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