Privacy Policy The safety and security of your personal data and information is paramount for a Livewire. Hence, Livewire runs its website according to the law concerning data privacy protection and information security. Bellow, here is the type of data we have collected through all the websites operated under Livewire, how we used it, and where appropriate any party we shared it with. collected data and motive for processing We collect your personal information like your names, country, location, telephone/mobile, email ID, among others as these are necessary for us to operate our websites only for your specific purposes when you voluntarily provide them to us. Moreover, we can only apply such data legally due to your consent as Generally speaking, we mainly utilize this information solely for the purposes indicated upon its transmission or provision of the data – e.g. answering your questions, providing your access, processing or filling the orders – and no other than that. Data Sharing Therefore, for the stated objective hereinabove, to the extent that you give yours permissions, or where we are authorized, we will transfer your personal information among Livewire only when necessary. CADD center employs several provisions to enhance data privacy. The data is shared in line with the relevant statutory requirements and directives. We do nor exchange, sell or provide your personal data to third parties including advertisers. Questions, Comments and Amendments Wherever appropriate, Livewire would correct, amend and deleted any of your information in response to every legitimate request. You may contact our team, with relevant inquiries through “Contact Us”. The Data Privacy policy is reviewed and revised in intervals of time. This is where you can find that they have updated their information on this page.